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87 arrested for cinema style attack in Adilabad

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In a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, members of the Adilabad Lorry Owners’ Welfare Association created panic in the town on Tuesday morning when they drove around in a lorry and on motorbikes carrying sticks and stones and raising slogans attacking their opponents. Following the incident, the superintendent of police, Mr P. Promod Kumar, formed 10 search teams and arrested 87 persons — including Adilabad town Lorry Owners’ Welfare Association president, Mr Sajid Khan, — and seized the vehicles. Cases were booked under attempt to murder. Differences have cropped up among members of the association which has split into two factions, one of them led by Mr Sathnam Singh and Mr Shekhar, district president of the association. The two were attacked on Tuesday by their opponents and to escape from their attackers, they ran into the house of the local MLA Mr Jogu Ramanna, which was nearby. The attackers then attempted to enter the MLA’s house and damaged a car parked outside, that belonged to Mr Shekhar, with stones. The MLA’s gunmen overpowered the attackers and prevented them from entering the house. Mr Jogu Ramanna, who was in his house then, was shocked by the attack, and expressed serious concern about such attacks in broad daylight. Mr Kumar visited the MLA’s house and spoke to him and Mr Sathanam Singh and Mr Shekhar about the incident. Deccan Chronicle

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