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Baba Ramdev chides centre for delaying Telangana State

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Warangal: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has faulted the Centre on the decades-long Telangana issue by stating that it was trying to prolong the issue, though it was bound to take an appropriate decision in this connection.

Ramdev Baba reached Warangal as part of his “Bharat Swabhiman Yatra”.

Baba Ramdev on Monday demanded that the Centre immediately declare a separate Telangana State keeping in view the intensive agitation going on in this connection. “It would be better to form a separate Telangana State as early as possible before the ongoing agitation took more violent path”, he said as a word of caution.

Stating that the Centre was willfully not conceding the demand for the Telangana State, a long cherished dream of the people of the region, he instructed the people of the region to pull up the political leaders representing about the issue. He also advised them to change the government, if they feel it would be right.

Expressing his support in favour of smaller States, Baba said that true development could be possible only through smaller States. He also said that the intellectuals in the region should strive to build a Telangana State, in which there would be no scope for corruption.

Baba Ramdev also said that he was going to establish a new political party in June with an intention to wipe out corruption in the country. Lamenting that rampant corruption has become an order of the day, he added that the sole objective of his political outfit would be to wipe out corruption. (NSS)

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