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Boy crippled after HM’s 130 sit-up punishment

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A seven-year-old boy was recently crippled after the corporal punishment inflicted on him by his headmaster. Following a bout of mischief, Naveen was punished and made to do 130 sit-ups by his headmaster, Mr Venkatramulu. Post-punishment, Naveen had difficulty walking. The incident took place in a government high school at Pudur village in Gadwal town. On July 26, Naveen was indulging in mischievous behavior with his friends when Mr Venkatramulu saw them and punished all 10 students by making them do 130 sit- ups. Naveen did not experience any ill-effects at the time, but the day after, he began experiencing severe pain in his legs. He could not get up or walk. His worried parents took Naveen to an RMP doctor and later to three private hospitals in Gadwal. Despite their efforts, Naveen got no respite from his pain. He was then taken to hospitals in Kurnool, Mahbubnagar and finally to Hyderabad. Wondering what could have caused his condition, his parents continued to be puzzled till Naveen told them about the sit-ups he’d done in school. Furious, Naveen’s parents and family members staged a dharna in front of the school and locked the school gates. They demanded Rs.10 lakh from the headmaster to compensate for Naveen’s crippled state. The headmaster, however, refused to relent to the demand. The tahsildar, Mr Jagadeeswar Reddy, and the mandal education officer, Mr Murali Krishna, arrived at the spot and explained to the parents that action would be taken against the headmaster, after which the school was reopened. Mr Venkatramulu denied that he was responsible for the boy’s condition. He said that there were 10 other students who were given the same punishment along with Naveen and that he had no personal grudge against the boy. Deccan Chronicle

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