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Bundles of currency notes in burning vehicle: Kadapa

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Kadapa: It was a feast for the locals when they found bundles of currency notes in a vehicle that caught fire. They helped themselves with the notes daring the flames.

According to information, a vehicle possibly smuggling election money caught fire on the outskirts of Proddutur in the district on Tuesday morning. There were bundles of currency notes stashed in the burning vehicles. Locals who came to the spot, started helping themselves with the currency bundles, daring the blaze. Occupants of the vehicle disappeared as they feared arrest and prosecution.

Police who learnt about the incident rushed to the spot and seized the vehicle and whatever currency was left in it. They suspect that the vehicle was used for smuggling money meant for the byelections. However, the YSR Congress has declared that the money did not belong to it. (NSS)

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