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Chandrababu angry with Nagam

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Hyderabad, April 16 : The controversial TDP leader, Dr Nagam Janardhana Reddy, has once again caused flutters in the party. The party supremo, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has reportedly expressed anger at the erring leader.

Mr Naidu met his senior aides at the NTR Trust Bhavan on Saturday afternoon and discussed about the attitude of Dr Nagam. It is said that Mr Naidu while expressing anger against Dr Nagam has warned that anti-party activities would not be tolerated. He is reported to have prepared a senior leader for a counter attack on Dr Nagam, who has been frequently challenging his supremacy and authority.

According to reports, Dr Nagam has rejected the appeal of Mr Naidu to all the senior leaders to go to Kadapa and take part in the election campaigning there. He said that he would not do so, until Mr Naidu expressed his acceptance of the demand for Telangana state. Dr Nagam has flummoxed Mr Naidu by going before the media and called upon his party colleagues from the Telangana region not to go to Kadapa. He also alleged that the NTR Trust Bhavan has become the soiree for all and sundry and this was the reason why he has decided not to go there. He has announced that he would start his own office in the MLA Quarters and would launch Telangana agitation with renewed vigor from the second week of May. He has called upon his party men to join him.

Naidu objects to Nagam comparing him to ‘corrupt’ Jagan

According to the information, Mr Naidu has seriously objected to Dr Nagam comparing him to the YSR Congress Party leader Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy. “How can he compare me with the corrupt Jagan,” Naidu is believed to have questioned his colleagues in the meeting. “Has Nagam found dependability in the corrupt Jagan?’ he has reportedly lamented.

Dr Nagam has said that if Telangana was created, the people would trust Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy and there would be no place for the TDP in the Telangana region.

Mr Naidu has taken a serious note of Dr Nagam defying his authority and his imposing conditions on him. He has reportedly expressed anger at Nagam defying his directions for every one to go to Kadapa to strengthen the party’s chances in the by elections.

Dr Nagam said that he would go to Kadapa only when Mr Naidu gave clarity on the party’s stand on Telangana. Announcing that he was committed to Telangana, Dr Nagam said that Mr Naidu should announce that the party was committed to what it said on Telangana in the election manifesto. Apart from alleging that all and sundry were hanging in the lobbies of NTR Trust Bhavan, Dr Nagam has expressed doubts that Mr Naidu could be aware of all this.

While attacking Mr Naidu, Dr Nagam was all praise for Mr Jagan. “Centre will give Telangana in May or June. Mr Jagan will have credibility and not us, after Telangana is created,” Dr Nagam said. (NSS)

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