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Curses Of Thieves’ Wives Carry No Value: TDP

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State Telugu Mahila President Shobha Hymavati has said that the curses of the wives of thieves and plunderers carry no power.

In a statement here on Saturday, Hymavati said though they could sympathize with her tears in view of the incarceration of her being women themselves, they were said that Bharati, wife of the YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy had so far not realized why he had gone to jail and repented for the follies.

Referring to the statement of Jagan that the TDP was responsible for the courts rejecting bail to Jagan, she said it was unfortunate that Bharati had forgotten that bail was an issue that was in the hands of courts and judges. She has questioned if Bharati had forgotten that the Supreme Court judge himself had questioned Jagan how he had earned Rs. 43,000 crore in a short period and how he had sold share worth Rs 10 for Rs. 350. She said if only Bharati’s husband had followed value based politics, why would he remain in jail for six months, Hymavati has questioned. Referring to the mention of value-based politics by Bharati, the Telugu Mahila leader has questioned if facing charges of plundering Rs. 1 lakh crore, 4 charge-sheets, remaining in the jail for six months were any indication of value based politics. She has also questioned if the journalism of Sakshi, which degrades the image of other politicians, bureaucrats, companies and organizations was not yellow journalism.

Shobha has said that no one would talk ill of a person who had done no wrong. But they were talking about some one who had indulged in corruption to the tune of Rs. 1 lakh crore, imprisoned for six months and facing four charge sheets, she has reminded. She has questioned if Bharati could ever explain to the people how her husband had earned 1 lakh crore rupees. She has also questioned if she could explain why those who had invested in Bharati Cements and Jagati publications were in jail along with her husband.
Hymavati said she or her party had never spoken ill of the employees of Bharati cements or their families. She said all they had talked about was about the irregularities committed by Jagan and his quid pro quo operations and not about the employees working in his companies.

It may be mentioned here that Bharati has appealed to the TDP not to resort to attack on companies owned by Jagan like Bharati cements that employed 30,000 people.(NSS)

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