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Dattanna urges Sonia to help create seprate Telangana state

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Hyderabad: The BJP has requested Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson of UPA to prevail upon the Government (of India) to honour the promises and statements made by ‘your party, discard the Sri Krishna Committee report and immediately introduce a Bill in Parliament for the formation of Telangana state’ and assured her of the support of the BJP for passing of the Bill.

In a three-age open letter to Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the BJP national Executive Member and former Union Minister Mr Bandaru Dattatreya on Tuesday stated that the BJP firmly believes that smaller states are in the best interest of the country and to this end created three new states. “My leader is on record that but for the opposition from the Telugu Desam which was then part of the NDA government, a separate state of Telangana would also have been created”, he added.

The BJP leader said that the 58 page judgment of the State High Court has vindicated the stand of BJP that the appointment of the Srikrishna committee was a wasteful exercise. He said that the High Court has excerpted limited portions of the chapter eight (of the Srikrishna committee report) which clearly shows that the work of the Committee was more in the nature of a work commissioned by the Congress party and not the Union Government and therefore, as Congress President, it would be best if your party reimburses the exchequer the expenditure incurred by the Committee. (NSS)

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