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Defectors Are ‘Market People’: Paladugu

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Congress senior leader Paladugu Venkata Rao has expressed anger at reports that many Congress leaders were leaving the party.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, he said these were ‘Market People’. He said though the party suffered a little because of the departure of one or two persons, it faced no loss in the long run. He said people would understand the nature of the leaders who were defecting to other parties after winning elections in the name of Congress. He said the party faced no big threat because of such persons.

He said these defectors should know that they were wrong to think that people also would go with them simply because they abandoned Congress and hopped into another party. He said these leaders should first state what mistake Congress had done for their leaving the party. He said they were actually abandoning the people’s welfare and state’s development when they left Congress. (NSS)

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