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Dornakal Bishop’s visit to Mahbubnagar opposed

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Hyderabad: Expressing strong resentment over the alleged fraudulent and despotic conduct of the Dornakal Bishop, Mr B S Devamani, the Dornakal Diocese executive members have said that they would stage a strong protest against visit of the Bishop to Mahbubnagar on the eve of Good Friday on April 22.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, an executive member, Mr Vemuri John Samuel, took strong objection to the open challenge made by the followers of the Bishop that they would garland and bring him in a procession on Good Friday, the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Such an act amounts to showing disrespect to God and would further aggravate their feelings as they were hurt due to his ill-conduct, he added. He also said that the executive members have submitted a memorandum to the Director General of Police, Mr Aravinda Rao, requesting him to stop the procession of the Bishop.

Alleging that the Bishop Devamani was resorting to authoritarianism since he was appointed seventh Bishop of Dornakal, Mr Samuel said that he had sacked 42 employees without any valid reason and relieved four executive members for questioning his illegal and despotic attitude. He also said that the Bishop was indiscriminately sacking senior members and enthroning juniors loyal to him. The Church witnessed no development and no auditing of accounts has taken place since he became the Bishop, he said, adding that the Bishop was alienating all properties of the Diocese and amassed several crores of rupees. He also noted that some nine civil cases and three criminal cases were pending against the Bishop in the Mahbubnagar Court for his corrupt practices and sexual harassment of women employees.

Mr Samuel has said that though the Bishop had assured earlier to reinstate all the sacked executive members, he failed to keep his word. He demanded that all the 42 dismissed employees be reinstated immediately. Proper justice should be done to Ms Dhana Laxmi, who was subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of the Bishop, he added.

Other executive members, Mr K Devdas, Mr Vivekananda, Mr John Wesley and Mr Nirmal Kumar were also present. (NSS)

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