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Electoral reforms to reject corrupt candidates stressed

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Hyderabad, April 30: The former Advisor to the Election Commission of India, Mr K J Rao, here on Saturday stressed the need for implementing electoral reforms that could ensure rejection of corrupt and dishonest political leaders.

Participating in a round table on “Election Reforms” organised under the aegis of Jana Chaitanya Vedika at Hyderabad Study Circle conference hall, Mr Rao said that stringent laws should be enforced to prevent tainted political leaders on whom even a single FIR was pending, from contesting any election. Similarly, the political parties should refuse admission to those who have criminal background, he added.

Stressing the need to bring about more reforms in the present Election Code of Conduct, Mr Rao suggested formulation of conditions that the political leaders should have minimum educational qualifications. Apart from providing an opportunity to voters to reject tainted candidates in elections by introducing “Rejection Vote”, he called upon the government to take steps to enlighten voters, especially the youth, to exercise their right to vote in the elections, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, the “Pragna Bharathi” president, Dr Tripuraneni Hanuman Choudary, said that election reforms were inevitable in the present juncture as democracy has turned into mobocracy and dictatorship. He also favoured constitution of a Regulatory Authority of India for Political Parties so that it could maintain vigilance and transparency in supervision of elections. Lamenting that the political parties have become family parties and institutions of proprietorship, Dr Choudary suggested that election campaigning should be conducted through electronic media and public meetings in closed auditoriums. He also felt that huge expenses on elections could be brought down considerably if voting was conducted by Internet. Dr Choudary has urged the Election Commission to take action against the political parties for incorporating illogical poll promises in their manifestoes.

The former chief justice of Allahabad High Court, Mr Ambati Lakshmana Rao, who presided over the round table, called upon the people to elect only those who can strive for welfare of the people and development of the region. He also appealed to the voters not to sell their votes.

The Jana Chaitanya Vedika State president, V Lakshmana Reddy, its treasurer, Ms P Satyavathi, the APPA director, Mr S Srinivas Reddy, the Senior Citizens association president, Dr Chelikani Rao, the Hyderabad Study Circle director, Mr Krishna Reddy and others participated in the discussion. (NSS)

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