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Govt adopts two-pronged strategy on dog menace

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Hyderabad: The state government has launched a two-pronged strategy to handle the increasing number of dog bite cases, by intensifying its methodology and action programme to contain the dog menace in the state, while trying to eliminated the current fear psychosis among the people on the other.

In an exclusive interview to INN, Minister for Municipal Administration M Mahidhar Reddy said that as part of these efforts, special dog squads have been pressed into service aided by specially made nets to trap the stray animal, including the rabid ones, to check the incidences of dog bites which had been frightening the common man.

Reacting to the issue, Mr Mahidhar Reddy said his department was doing its best to eliminate the current ‘fear’ psychosis which was spreading among the people.

The Minister, who showed a catalogue of photographs containing the dog squads, special nets, and the mode of the trap of the stray dogs among others, asserted that the issue was not confined to this year alone.

However, he took pains to point out the efforts and the plan of action to bring down the rabies disease being put in place by his department.

“The problem lies with the growth in the population of dogs including the pet dogs being tamed by some sections,” the Minister said. He expressed confidence that his Ministry’s efforts would bear fruit soon and the ‘exercise’ in vogue will ensure that the citizens would heave a sigh of relief soon.

Reacting to a question on the Blue Cross Society which was ever ready to take care of animals including dogs, the Minister was irked and said that the “Government is not afraid of those protecting the animals which were a cause to mount tension among the people with daily reports coming in that dogs were playing havoc with the lives of the people.”

He said he was touring all the cities to have a firsthand account of the incidences and measures being taken by the authorities concerned.

“The process to take remedial steps is on,” Mr Mahidhar Reddy said.

Further turning to the property tax collections, the Minister made it clear that a GO was issued way back not to enhance the said tax.

The GO also specified that the government was ready to act in cases where ‘misappropriation’ of funds occurred.(INN)

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