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Govt Making Serious Efforts To Reduce Unemployment: FM

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Hyderabad, Feb.23 (NSS): The Finance Minister Mr Anam Ramanarayana Reddy has stated that the Government is making serious efforts to reduce unemployment in the organized and unorganized sector, by providing extensive employment opportunities.

The State is in the forefront in the implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. So far, 1.19 crore house holds have been issued job cards in the rural areas. Equal wages are paid to men and women. Rs.14,069.90 crores has been incurred on the scheme so far.

In his Budget speech in the Legislative Assembly today, the Minister said that the MNREG programme would be taken up in the next three years with an allocation of Rs.12,000 crores. This programme would provide wage employment ST farmers giving them an opportunity to develop their own lands as well leading to an increase in agricultural prodiction.

Under Mahatma Gandhi Vana Nursery project under MGNRES, 100 crore plants are proposed to be planted in individual farmers’ lands in the net three years as a part of ‘Harita Andhra Pradesh’ programme. The additional income generation and the changed face of all these lands after being fully developed, would be an immense source of happiness for all of us. An amount of Rs.600 crore is proposed as State share in budget estimate 2011-12 for this scheme, he said.

Mr Ramanarayana Reddy said that so far the Andhra Pradesh Employment Mission, popularly known as ‘Rajiv Udyogasri Society’ has provided training to 13,78,057 persons in skill development and 1,35,546 persons are undergoing training. Placements were provided to 9,30,678 unemployed youth in private sector and the placements for the remaining persons are under progress. This is a unique scheme launched in the State for the first time in the country. With the revival of the economy, the Government will continue efforts during the next financial year to provide maximum placement to the unemployed youth, he added.(NSS)

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