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Harish Rao should be arrested: Mareppa

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Kurnool: Former minister and YSR Congress leader M. Mareppa has demanded arrest of TRS MLA T. Harish Rao for assaulting the official of the Andhra Bhavan in New Delhi on Thursday.

Talking to the media here on Friday, Mr Mareppa said that Mr Harish Rao has behaved like a street rowdy, quite unbecoming of an MLA. He said attacks on the Dalits would not be tolerated in the guise of Telangana. He said while an ordinary person would be seriously taken to task for manhandling a government official, why was the government hesitating to take action on the MLA. He has questioned if laws were different for a common man and an MLA.

Mr Mareppa has said that the incident has proved that even if Telangana was conceded, only ‘Doras’ (landlords) would continue to dominate.

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