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Muslim students thrashed in Tandur school

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Ahmed Pasha Quadri depicts to take action against BJP evil people.
BJP’s 30-40 members evil group entered Shahpoor school in Tandur town of Sangareddy districtand and harshly beat the Muslim students without any reason. In this incident 20 students injured. This incident ‘s report was given to the MIM supremo Asad Uddin Owaisi by the Tandur’s MIM initial chief Mr. Hadi .

Asad Uddin Owaisi by contacting police superintend of Rangareddy Mrs. Kumari expressed anger on this violence protesting against this incident and urged her to arrest the evils and take serious action against them. He also said that these kinds of incidents are taking place very frequently in Tandur and asked her to look over it.

Mrs. Kumari said that she got report of incident and she is trying to crush this vandalism.
School principle has not reported this to police but on protest by students and teachers it was reported to the police.

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