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Is Hari Krishna trying to gain control of TDP; make Jr. NTR the party chief?

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Hyderabad, April 10: The family war in the TDP is taking interesting turns by the day. The supremacy war that should have started long back when the founder of the party late N T Rama Rao has died, has surprisingly  started now, after years of most of the Nandamuri family members accepting Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu as the party chief.

The salvo fired by Rajya Sabha member and Naidu’s brother-in-law Mr. Hari Krishna that he would come before the people and wage a frontal war against corruption has created flutters in the party. More particularly, his statement that those who did not have even a single acre of land had earned thousands of crores after joining politics, is understood to be an attack on Mr. Naidu. Late Chief Minister Dr. Y S Rajasekhara  Reddy and Congress leaders have been day in and day out stating that Naidu who did not have two acres of land before joining politics had earned thousands of crores. When Hari Krishna has repeated the same charge, it gave a jolt to the TDP leadership. Party circles realize that there was a war on between Hari Krishna and Chandrababu. However, why Hari Krishna chose this particular time for waging this war is not known.

Chandra Babu is reported to be perplexed as to why this power struggle should start at this point of time. He is also believed to have exprised surprised that Hari Krishna who strongly supported him when he actually dethroned NTR and took over as the Chief Minister, should now oppose him after all these years.

While Hari Krishna has still not openly leveled any charges against Naidu, his loyalists Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Kodali Nani have however come out into the open and alleged that members of the Nandamuri family are being relegated in the TDP echelon. It is also learnt that Hari Krishna’s son and actor Jr. NTR is said to be expressing his resentment over Chandrababu Naidu’s son Lokesh’s style of functioning.

Hari Krishna has alleged in his statement that those who did not have a ‘Kunta’ (small piece) of land had earned crores of rupees after joining politics. Hari Krishna has assured that he would come before the people and strive for realization of the ideals of late NTR and routing out of corruption.

Why had he suddenly realized that he had a duty to realize NTR’s ideals and a responsibility for fighting against corruption after all these years – has become a mystery.

Mr. Naidu is believed to told his close confidents, “what mistake have I done? I brought every one in the NTR family under an umbrella. As soon as he asked, I made Hari Krishna Rajya Sabha member. I also made him the Politburo member.  Is there any need for a debate for a heir to NTR now? Is this the right occasion for this discussion?”

Meanwhile, Hari Krishna is also said to be annoyed that Bala Krishna in his recent statement asked the media not to involve him in the ongoing family controversy. He is said to have lamented that Balayya chose to only speak on his behalf and not on behalf of all the family members. Jr. NTR is said to have remarked that Balaiay should have consulted all the family members before going to the media. He is also reported to have expressed his suspicion that it was Lokesh (Naidu’s son) that had leaked the news that he had not lifted the phone when Naidu had called him. He is also believed to have told his friends that he suspected the hand of Lokesh behind media reports that there was no need to bother about Nandamuri family.

When media has asked NTR about his father Hari Krishna’s statement in a film-related function, he said it was neither the platform nor the occasion to ask that question. He however said he was leaving it to his father to answer that question.

The extensive tours undertaken by Hari Krishna have also become a topic for discussion among the top leaders of the TDP. Why is Hari Krishna who had never taken any active part in the party affairs is now undertaking these tours is the being discussed. Party leaders are pointing out that Hari Krishna who had started Anna TDP at one time differing with Naidu had closed it because he was not of the type to seriously run a party organization. Now when Naidu could continue to lead the party at least for another ten years, why has Hari Krishna raised this question of the heir in the party, is not understood. Even if it was thought that he was seeking party leadership for his son Nr. NTR, the actor is right now not in a position to relinquish his lucrative film career and join the politics. When NTR joined politics, it was almost at the end of his film career and the same could not be said of the Junior as he is still in a prime age and career wise also is very a busy.

While some media reports suggested that union minister Ms. Purandhareswari was behind this family drama and it was she who was provoking Mr. Hari Krishna who is generally an emotional person, her husband and Congress MLA, Dr. Daggubati Venkateswara Rao had dismissed the reports. He has appealed the media not to bring his family into the goings on in the TDP. (NSS)

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