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KCR talking of “Merger” because he received Suitcases

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Hyderabad: TDP Rajya Sabha member Ms. Gundu Sudha Rani has alleged that the TRS chief Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Rao who was a master in cheating the people, was now talking about merger of his party in Congress as he has received money in suitcases.

Referring to his statement in a meeting of the MSOs on Monday night that the Union Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has offered Telangana in return for merger of TRS in Congress, the MP said the statement once again unfolded the real intentions of the mercurial KCR. She said KCR has taken up the Telangana movement which was built by the sacrifices of students and struggles by the intellectuals and people’s organizations, was now trying to exchange it for power and money.

She has alleged that KCR was watering down the fight of crores of people of Telangana just for suitcase loads of currency notes. “He is using the Telangana movement to strengthen himself. He is now trying to sell out the self- respect of the Telangana people on public roads. The central government is taking the Telangana movement lightly as KCR is a purchasable commodity,” the MP said in her strongly worded statement. (NSS)

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