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Kishan seeks High Level probe into violent incident in Assembly

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Hyderabad: The State Bharatiya Janata Party president, Mr G Kishan Reddy, on Monday lamented that while the people were electing their representatives by casting their valuable votes with high hopes, the MLAs were behaving like street rowdies in the august House. The BJP leader said that a high-level inquiry committee should be set up in order to prevent such deplorable incidents in future.

Speaking at the Assembly Media Point, Mr Kishan Reddy demanded that the government take immediate disciplinary action against the erring ministers and legislators. The members, resorting to fisticuffs in the Assembly was heinous, condemnable and bad in a democracy, he added. While the poverty-stricken people were sending their representatives to the Assembly in a democratic manner to take up their issues and fight for their uplift, the “honorable” members were trading charges, challenges, twisting moustaches and patting their chests, he bemoaned.

The State BJP chief has appealed to the people not to send such rowdy-cultured elements to the august House. Stating that legislators raining blows on colleagues without remorse was abhorable, Mr Reddy said that March 28 remains a dark day in the history of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. Intellectuals, educationists, political analysts and all should respond to the heinous incident and condemn it. He also deplored the atrocious behaviour of both the ruling Congress and the main Opposition Telugu Desam party. He said that the members should not come to the Assembly with their personal agendas. He felt that both the parties would be dealt a fitting lesson in the coming elections.

The BJP leader suggested that all political parties should sit across the table and ponder over their actions, especially the members of the Congress and Telugu Desam. Faulting exposure of visuals on the attack on the Governor in the past, Mr Reddy demanded that the visuals on today’s incidents should not be telecast. Appealing to the members to try to emulate their counterparts in the Gujarat and Bihar Assemblies, Mr Kishan Reddy said that Mr Lalu Prasad Party was taught a fitting lesson by the electorate when they behaved in arrogant and atrocious manner. Similarly, the people of Andhra Pradesh would teach a lesson to these parties. (NSS)

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