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Media reports are causing anxiety: Satya Sai Baba trust members

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Anantapur: Satya Sai Trust member Mr. Naganand has said that media reports on the Trust’s activities were causing anxiety among all the trust members.

Speaking to news persons on Tuesday afternoon at Puttaparti, he has said that there were no differences among the trust members as being reported in the media. Stating that there was no need for all the members to attend media conferences of the Trust, he said it should not be construed that there were differences among the members simply because some members could not attend the media meetings. He said the members were considering declaring the Trust’s assets every year. Stating that they were all concerned about the Trust as the media was, Mr. Naganand has appealed to the media not to cause anxiety and mistrust among the devotees. He has expressed anguish, stating that some newspapers and media were writing reports which were far from truth.

On Dr. Safaya who rendered medical aid to Satya Sai Baba during his last days at the Satya Sai Institute of Medical Sciences reportedly resigning, Mr. Naganand has said that he had not resigned as reported in the media. He said he was only desiring rest due to his advanced age. He said this was the only reason why he was not rendering his services to the Trust. Replying to questions, he said the Trust would only take up service activities and not spiritual. On another question, the Trust member made it clear that Baba had not written any will.

Meanwhile, the Trust has appointed Mr. Ananta Raman as the Media Coordinator.


Trust senior member and former Chief Justice of India Mr. P N Bhagavati is reportedly unhappy about the goings in the Trust after Baba’s death. It is also being said that another member Mr. S V Giri was also unhappy about the Trust affairs being dragged to the media and the police serving a notice. This was the first time that police gave any notice to either the Trust or any of its members.

Trust members have met on Monday night to discuss the police notices. It is learnt that the Trust members held an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss about the latest happenings.

It is reliably learnt that some members have questioned Mr. Ratnakar, Trust member and Baba’s bother’s son about the money caught by the police while being shifted from the Prashanti Nilayam. It is learnt that the members have tried to extract information from him about the incident. It is learnt that both Mr. Bhagavati and Mr. Giri were concerned that such incidents would bring bad name not only to the Trust, but also its members. One of the members is reported to have pointed that a small amount of Rs. 25 lakhs caught by the police would spoil the yeoman self-service record of the Trust since several decades. One of the members have reportedly expressed the opinion that if money was caught while it was the duty of the Income Tax department to enquire, the police have overstepped their authority, the Trust members have reportedly discussed the news paper reports being published on the Trust’s activities.

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