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Nagam says he organized Nagarkurnool meeting as he was impatient

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New Delhi: The TDP controversial leader, Dr Nagam Janardhana Reddy, has said that he had organized the Nagarkurnool meeting on Telangana as he was impatient to wait till the party had done something about Telangana.

Addressing the media after participating in the agitation launched by the Telangana Journalists’ Forum at Jantar Mantar on Thursday, he said that the Telangana issue was getting delayed because of the lack of unity among the Telangana leaders. He said that Telangana could be achieved when all the political leaders set aside their party agenda and flags and plunge into the agitation together.

Alleging that the media was purposely campaigning against him, Dr Nagam said he was ready to leave any position for the sake of Telangana. He has dismissed reports that he was buying a news channel. He said there was no truth in these reports. He also alleged that efforts were being made to sling mud on any Telangana leader who shouted “Jai Telangana”.

Stating that the media once said that he was going to join the TDP and later that he would be joining the TRS and finally the Congress. Stating that some media even wrote that he would be joining the YSR Congress, he said it was improper on the part of the media to create such baseless news.

Stating that Telangana agitation in 1969 never had any interval, he has questioned why an interval is now needed. He was possibly referring to the TRS chief, Mr KCR’s statement that a respite was given in the movement for strategic reasons.

Dr Nagam has alleged that the Justice Srikrishna Committee in the 8th chapter of its report has suggested ways how curb the Telangana movement, how to woo different leaders and how to soften the Telangana Congress leaders. He said the Union government had totally ditched the Telangana issue. He called upon every one to at least join hands and fight for Telangana together. (NSS)

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