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No Fest for Telangana-government staff

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Spiralling prices of firecrackers is dampening the enthusiasm of people as well as dealers in the district.

Though Diwali is just a couple of days away (October 26), sales have not picked up.

Due to the increase in the diesel price and the consequent rise in the transportation costs, the prices of firecrackers have gone up by 30 percent.

�Usually, around this time, 50 percent sale is witnessed by dealers but just 15 percent sale has been made so far, according to Ch Gangadhar, a dealer.

�Employees are in no mood to celebrate Deepavali as they are uncertain about how many days the strike will drag on.

They are concerned by the government’s order that there will be no pay for strike period.
“I am not in a position to celebrate the festival.

I have to pay for monthly chits and clear dues to the grocer.

I am not sure if I will get salary for this month,” laments Bhasker, an employee of Class IV.
�Farmers, who are hit by a drought-like situation in some parts of the district and whose crops are withering, are showing no enthusiasm to celebrate Deepavali.
Students, who have kept away from studies for one month, are also staying away as their focus is to regain the lost concentration on studies.

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