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PCC chief doubts KCR’S credentials on Telangana issue

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Hyderabad: Expressing doubts over the TRS Chief Mr KCR’s credentials, the PCC Chief Mr D Srinivas has asked the former as to why he was not contacting the UPA Chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi on the Telangana issue and why he was in contact with the opposition leaders like Mr LK Adwani and Ms Sushma Swaraj.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday, Mr Srinivas asked Mr KCR as to why he has not tried to meet and represent the UPA Chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi after the 2009 elections, and why he failed to bring pressure on Ms Sonia Gandhi to make a statement on Telangana. He asked Mr KCR whether there was any choice of creating the Telangana by meeting Mr LK Adwani and Ms Sushma Swaraj. He said that Mr KCR, instead of knocking at the door of government, he was knocking the door of others who were not in a position of concede Telangana. ‘There was need to think over the acts of Mr KCR”, he added.

He said that if Mr KCR is sincere then he has to bring pressure through the Congress MPs and MLAs instead of demanding their resignations. He said that the Telangana Congress MPs and MLAs were doing more than expected, even though they were in the ruling party. Describing the MPs and MLAs act as an unexpected act, the PCC Chief said that he was congratulating them for doing so. He asked Mr KCR as to why he was not having the approach where the Congress MLAs and MPs were doing a lot. He said that he was conveying his personal opinion on Telangana to the AICC president Ms Sonia Gandhi and senior leaders Mr Pranab Mukarjee and Mr AK Antony to bring the pressure.

He said that the Telangana Congress MLAs have decided to attend the House to complete the constitutional work, owning moral responsibility, and asked as to why Mr KCR was not doing anything though his single agenda was ‘Telangana’.

He said that the Congress high command would take Telangana issue and seriously complete the pending process after the elections in the five states. He advised Mr KCR to meet Ms Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Mr Pranab Mukarjee on Telangana issue. He said that it was not at all a matter whether Mr KCR has faith in Ms Sonia Gandhi or not, but he never met them after 2009 elections.

He opined that the Telangana issue was not a small issue and one has to deal with it very carefully. Responding to a query, Mr Srinivas said that Mr KCR know very well how to bring pressure on UPA government. He said that there was no mistake in meeting the opposition parties after meeting the relevent persons on Telangana issue.

Responding to a query, Mr Srinivas said that Mr KCR himself has said that the TRS would be merged in the Congress party if the Telangana state was created. Condemning the statement of Mr KCR that the people would dump the Congress party in the Bay of Bengal if it failed to concede the separate Telangana, he said that the Congress leaders were making statements about merger, depending on Mr KCR’s earlier statements. He also said that it was a tradition that the small parties would merge in big parties. He said that the UPA government has the moral responsibility of taking a decision on Telangana issue and to respect the feelings of the people. He said that all the parties were supporting the Telangana cause and hence UPA has the responsibility to take a decision on the issue.

Exuding confidence that the Congress party would win all the seven MLC seats from the Assembly constituency, he said that he reviewed on local body elections. He said that he has issued the preferential order of MLA quota elections and urged the MLAs to follow it. He said the Congress party was facing complications due to Mr YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and exuded confidence that his party candidate would emerge as winners.

Denying to respond on Ms Jayasudha issue, he said that he didn’t know what Ms Jayasudha said. He said that Mr Patil Venugopal Reddy was the official candidate of the Congress party in Ananthapur district and it was not correct to say that he was not a party candidate. (NSS)

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