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Rationalists disapprove state funeral to Sathya Sai Baba

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Hyderabad: The Rationalists, who were bitter critics of Sri Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparti, on Tuesday strongly criticized the State government for according State funeral to the Baba by placing national flag on his body in violation of flag code of India.

Speaking at a media conference here, the Manava Vikasa Vedika general secretary, Mr B Sambasiva Rao, said that Satya Sai Baba had cheated the people with magic. After Sataya Sai Baba coming to the scene, he added magic to spirituality. He pointed out that the spiritual persons, Aravind Ghosh and Ramana Maharshi never made miracles and magic. Satya Sai Baba, who claimed himself as Bhagwan, finally died like a common man with a disease.

He reminded that the world famous news channel BBC also exposed his cheating skills with magic in a documentary “The Secrets of Swami”. Reminding that all the services rendered by Satya Sai were only with the donations of his devotees, he pointed out that the former took care not to disclose the names of donors.

Questioning the eligibility of Satya Sai Baba for State funeral, the Andhra Pradesh Rationalists Association State president, Mr Gumma Veeranna, said: “as per code of national flag, the flag should
be placed on the body of persons belonging to only 28 cadres and armed forces. Violation of the code will attract punishment of three years imprisonment”. He said that the national flag was placed on the body of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Periyar Ramaswamy for their services to the nation. He also questioned whether Satya Sai Baba, who cheated the people, was equal with them. For final rites of Mother Teresa, the representatives of 90 countries attended. He alleged that the State government has committed a big mistake by holding Satya Sai Baba final rites officially. He reminded that the US, Sweden and Portugal governments have earlier cautioned their citizens not to visit Satya Sai Baba.

The Jana Vignana Vedika City president, Ms P Satyavathi, the general secretary, Ms Swarajya Laxmi and magician, Mr Vikram, were also present. (NSS)

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