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Samarasimha Slams T Ministers For Becoming Sycophants Of Seemandhra Leaders

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Faulting the ministers from the Telangana region for participating in Revenue Minister N. Raghuveera Reddy’s ‘Handri-Neeva Project Vijaya Yatra’, former minister D K Samarasimha Reddy has alleged that the Telangana ministers and leaders were becoming sycophants of the Seemandhra leaders.

Speaking to the media at the CLP office here on Thursday, Samarasimha Reddy asked the Telangana ministers whether they don’t know the water being released to Handri-Neeva project belongs to the Telangana region. He contended that the Seemandhra leaders might argue in future that release of water to Handri-Neeva project was their right, particularly after formation of separateTelanganaStateif Telangana leaders failed to resist the injustices now only.

Samarasimha alleged that already the Telangana region was meted out gross injustice with regard to Pothireddipadu project and the Telangana region would suffer total loss with the Handri-Neeva project. He called upon the Telangana leaders to wake up at least now and try to protect the rights of Telangana region.

He recalled that when he had asked former chief minister late NTR from where water would be provided to the Handri-Neeva Project, NTR replied that water would be supplied to Handri-Neeva from the river Tungabhadra. He also said that the Seemandhra leaders had said that they would take away only 15 tmcft of water from the Pothireddipadu project, but there was a chance that the quantity might be increased 10 times.

He reminded that first Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru had declined to lay foundation stone to the Srisailam project if it was constructed as an Irrigation project. Pandit Nehru laid foundation stone to the Srisailam project only after getting an assurance from the then State Government that it would be constructed as hydel project for power generation. Unfortunately, the Srisailam project turned into an Irrigation project, he added.

Samarasimha warned the Seemandhra leaders that their Telangana counterparts would teach them a fitting lesson after formation ofTelanganaState, if they continued their illegal activities. He also said thatGunturdistrict too would be affected along with the Telangana region with the supply of Srisailam backwaters to the Handri-Neeva project. He said that he was speaking as a son of the soil of Telangana and not as a political leader. (NSS)

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