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Sathya Sai Trust: 3 members get cheque signing power

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Puttaparti: The Satya Sai Central Trust has decided not to elect any one as the Chairman in place of Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba who has left for his heavenly abode recently. The Trust has also decided that Bhagavan Baba would continue permanently as the Chairman of the Trust.

The Trust’s meeting was held on Thursday and it was presided over by Trust member and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Justice P N Bhagavati.

In a press note released in the name of Mr. Ratnakar, trust member and Bhagavan Baba’s brother Janaki Ramaiah’s son, it was stated that the Trust meeting has decided that three of the Trust members should have cheque signing power. The cheques would be valid and honored if signed by two of these three authorized signatories.

It may be recalled that there were reports about bickering among the Trust members on who should be the Chairman and who should have the cheque signing authority. Soon after Baba’s demise, the Trust members told the media that a decision on who should be the Chairman and who should have cheque signing authority would be decided after the ten day ceremony. Consequently the Trust members met on Thursday and have taken these important decisions.

Satya Sai Aradhanotsav was observed in the Sai Kulwant Hall on Wednesday evening. Speaking on the occasion, Trust member Mr. Srinivasan said that Baba, founder of the Trust would continue permanently as the Chairman.

Later in the Trust meeting held in the Prasanti Nilayam, apart from Justice Bhagavati, Indulal Shah, R J Ratnakar, V Srinivasan and S V Giri have participated. The meeting has adopted several important resolutions unanimously.

It has been decided in the meeting that Trust meetings should be held under the presidentship of Justice Bhagavati to decide about Trust’s activities from time to time. The meeting has also decided that cheque signing power should be given to R J Ratnakar, V Srinivasan and S V Giri. It was also decided that the cheques should be honoured if two of these three members sign. These three also will be responsible for all documentation and financial matters. It is said that the Trust has taken a decision that free education, health care and water supply, which Satya Sai has initiated and which were dearest to his heart, should not be interrupted under any circumstances. The three members who were bestowed with cheque signing power and entrusted the management of the financial matters were reportedly asked by the other members that these schemes should go on as of now, without any interruptions.


Police have taken cognizance of the news reports that gold and other valuables were moved out of the Prasanti Nilayam, and has taken up investigation into the reports.

It may be recalled that one Telugu newspaper has published a sensational report when Baba was sick that Gold and other valuables were moved to Bangaluru from the Prasanti Nilayam in two trucks. The SP has appointed a DSP rank official to investigate the report.

The officer has reportedly enquired at all the Check Posts from Puttaparti to Bangbaluru about the movement of the precious metal. Though there were no complaints on movement of gold from the Trust, SP Shah Nawaj Quasim, who is kown to be a strict and honest official, is believed to have instructed the DSP to find out facts about the movement of gold and other valuables. (NSS)

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