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Satya Sai Baba’s continues to be critical

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Puttaparti: Bhagavan Satya Sai Baba’s health continues to be highly critical.

According to the bulletin released by Dr. Safaya, head of the Satya Sai Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) today, Baba continues to be on ventilator for respiration. The bulletin said his body’s response to medication has been very low. Dr Safaya said the CRR Therapy for the kidneys was continuing.


Meanwhile, devotees have been thronging Puttaparti in large numbers as the news of Baba’s critical condition spread. Though police have been trying to control the influx of devotees, the devotees were some how reaching Prasanti Nilayam. A large number of devotees have gathered outside the Hospital and were giving Harati to Baba from outside. Some have brought their children and placed them on the ground before the hospital, seeking Baba’s blessings. When some foreign devotees tried to enter the hospital, police forcefully sent them out. Heavy generators and big LCD screens reach Puttaparti

The arrangements being made by the authorities have been causing anxiety to the devotees. Three heavy duty generators have reached Puttaparti from Hyderabad. Big LCD screens which are generally used to show an event to a large gathering have also reached Prasanti Nilayam. The vehicles carrying these equipments have been kept in the MPDO office in Kutta Cheruvu near Puttaparti, lest their presence could cause further angst.


Police have posted large forces at Puttaparti, suggesting that there could be an eventuality. Barricades and check posts have been set up at all important points. Special police force generally used for emergency duties were reaching Puttaparti. A Special Party Police Band has also arrived from Kurnool.


Doctors treating Baba have held an emergency meeting under Dr. Safaya at the SIMS. Dr. Ravi Raj, director medical education, has also participated in the meeting.

Talking to newsmen later Dr. Ravi Raj said all he could say at this juncture was that Baba’s body was not responding to treatment. He said an official announcement would be made only when the response totally stopped.


Meanwhile all the 26 MROs of Anantapur district have been directed by the Joint Collector to immediately reach Puttaparti. They were directed to make arrangements for the visit of VVIPs to the place. (NSS)

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