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Seemaandhra JAC Opposes KCR Song “Jai Bolo Telangana”

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Vijayawada, February 5: The people in the Seema-Andhra region took strong objection to the song penned by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi president, Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao, for the “Jai Bolo Telangana” movie which was released all over the State on Friday.

Opposing the KCR song “Gaaradi Chestundru”, the members of Nagarjuna University JAC obstructed the film screening in Jairam Theatre in Guntur demanding that the song be deleted. The protestors relented only after the theatre management agreed to remove the song from the film.

Meanwhile, the United Andhra Pradesh JAC made serious remarks on the “Jai Bolo Telangana”. Especially, they took strong objection to the word “Valasavadulu” (settlers) in the film. The JAC leaders felt that the film would whip up regional feelings and incite students to resort to suicide. They also argued that author of Constitution Dr B R Ambedkar only supported the idea of creation of smaller States, but never said that smaller States would prosper than bigger ones. They also said that they would not have objection to the screening of the film if the two portions – KCR song and Ambedkar’s remarks — were deleted from the film.

Barring these two episodes, the people in Seema-Andhra felt that the movie was good and thought-provoking. In Kurnool, the integrationists not only obstructed the movie screening, but also took out a rally against it. In Rajahmundry, the students obstructed the film in “Siva Jyothi” theatre for some time and tore the movie posters. They also raised slogans against Mr KCR.

Earlier, the people in Seemandhra made it clear that they would welcome the movie with open mind to watch the plight of the people of Telangana. They said that they would not tolerate if the film portrayed them as villains. Most of them felt that the TRS leader was unnecessarily inciting the students in the name of Telangana and causing deaths of the youth. They also felt that the students in Telangana were ruining their future due to Mr KCR.

In Visakhapatnam, the Students JAC welcomed the movie by garlanding the film box. In Vijayawada, the Seemandhra JAC welcomed the viewers by offering roses. (NSS)

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