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SSJS urges Naidu to take steps to halt illegal projects

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Hyderabad: Mr. Thammineni Sitaram, former Minister and Sikkolu Jala Sadhana Samiti Chairman has urged the TDP chief Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu to take steps to bring pressure on the Orissa government to shelve its illegal projects on Vamsadhara and other rivers, seriously affecting the irrigation prospects of the Srikakulam district.

In a memorandum submitted to Mr. Naidu, he has recalled that the Orissa government has gone to the Supreme Court on the second stage of Vamsadhara and got a Tribunal appointed. He has informed that experts have opined that even the Supreme Court has no right to appoint a tribunal. He said though engineering expert Mr. CRM Patnaik has suggested to the state government to file a Review Petition on it, the government has not properly responded.

Sitaram has said that the Orissa government has been planning to build two reservoirs, one barrage and a hydro electric project below the Vamsadhara project. In addition, the neighboring government has also sent a proposal to the Central Water Commission for permission to link Vamsadhara and Rushi Kulya. Sitaram has urged that the proposals of the Orssa government should be kept on hold till the dispute on Vamsadhara second phase was settled.

Sitaram also said that the Orissa government has started construction of two barrages above the Regulapadu Up pour Resourvoir on the North Mahendra Thanaya for which the late YSR had laid a foundation stone. He has suggested to the TDP chief to go to the Supreme Court and halt these constructions.

He also said that the Orissa government has constructed a Anicut at Kudiyasahi, blocking water flow to the Paidigaon project constructed by the AP government on south Mahendra Thanaya. He said the main reason for this situation was because there was no agreement between the two states on the waters of Mahendra Thanaya.

Sitaram said the state government should hasten the modernization project of Nagavali for which Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has sanctioned Rs. 122 crores when he was the Chief Minister.

The memorandum was also signed by CPI leader Chapara Sundar Lal, CPI(M) leader Panchadi Paparao, Lok Satta leader Panchadi Rambabu and Jalasadhana Samiti treasurer Bhaddepalli Mohana Rao. (NSS)

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