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Telangana Students Attack Minister’s Car: Vivekananda Escape Unhurt

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Hyderabad: The Agriculture Minister, Mr Y S Vivekananda Reddy, here on Monday became a victim of the Telangana activists.

According to the information, while the Minister was returning after attending a marriage, the Telangana students waylaid his car and attacked it. The car was damaged and some of the occupants were injured. However, Mr Vivekananda Reddy escaped unhurt from the agitators. Meanwhile, police personnel rushed to the spot and chased away the students by resorting to lathi-charge.

The TRS supremo, Mr K Chandrasekhara Rao, condemned the lathi-charge on the students. Charging the police with indiscriminately caning the students, Mr KCR demanded that the higher police authorities initiate action against the erring policemen.

Protesting against the lathi-charge, the students squatted on the road causing vehicle traffic jam up to four kilometers. The TRS supremo also squatted on the road along with the students in solidarity.

The students reportedly waylaid the minister’s car saying that he was working against the formation of separate Telangana State. The students also alleged that the policemen misbehaved with the students. However, Telangana supporters said that the students stopped the minister’s car in a peaceful manner. (NSS)

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