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Telangana supporter’s opposes Rayala-Telangana

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Telangana-map-FrontpageIndia1Shravan, TRS politburo member said that the entire Telangana region vehemently opposing the proposal of Rayala-Telangana in one voice.

Speaking to the media, the TRS leader said they were facing a lot of pressure from the people of the region against the Rayala Telangana proposal which was being campaigned since the past two or three days. The people were requesting the TRS leadership not to agree to the new proposal under any circumstances. He made it clear that they want only Telangana State with its ten districts and would not accept any other proposal, he added.

Reminding that Rayalaseema leaders ruled the State for longer time, Shravan said Telangana region was subjected to utter neglect and rendered gross injustice during their misrule. He also asked how the Telangana people would sail with factionists of Rayalaseema, who had exploited the people of Mahbubnagar district. He urged the Centre to respect the sentiments of the people of the region and carve out Telangana State with its ten districts with Hyderabad as its capital in conformity with the decision of the Congress Working Committee.

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