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Too many agencies spoil terror probe in state

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Too many agencies in the state police are dealing with terror intelligence, investigation and operations and there is no proper interagency co-ordination. Counter Intelligence, Octopus at state level, Special Investigation Team, Task Force, Special Branch, Quick Reaction Teams of the city police and Special Operations Team of Cyberabad all deal with anti-terror activities.

Then there are the central agencies — the Intelligence Bureau, National Investigation Team, National Security Guard and Military Intelligence. Anti-terror experts say that an office of co-ordinator on anti-terrorism has to be set up at the state level to share intelligence and to carry out co-ordinated investigation and operations. The counter intelligence cell of the state police is a notified police station and it is dealing with three cases of terrorism by the Indian Mujahideen and several cases of Tehreek Galba E Islam activism. Intelligence collection is done by the CI cell, Special Branch of the city and Cyberabad police, and IB. Operations during terror strikes are entrusted to the commandos of the NSG, Octopus and Quick Reaction Team’s and the Task Force of the city police.

“Meetings for co-ordination between these agencies are held at intervals. However, there is a need for a permanent set-up like an office of co-ordinator of anti terrorism at the state level who can supervise all State and city agencies and liaise with the central agencies,” said a senior IPS official who earlier worked in Octopus. “When an incident occurs, too many agencies are pressed into service and the probe is pulled in different directions. Collection of intelligence on the activities of terrorist organisations, co-ordinating all operations to neutralise terror activity, coordinating all responses to acts of terrorism when they occur and enforcing all laws dealing with terrorism, should be done with a strategy,” said the official. Deccan Chronicle

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