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TRS MLAs attack JP, Paladugu at Assembly; Governor’s address disrupted in HOU

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Hyderabad, Feb.17: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi MLAs physically attacked the Lok Satta member, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, and the Congress MLC, Mr Paladugu Venkata Rao, at the media point on the Assembly premises on Thursday.

The two leaders were trying to talk to the media at the Media Point after the Assembly was adjourned amidst din during the Governor, Mr E S L Narasimhan’s address to the joint session of the legislature, marking the beginning of the budget session.

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan has complained to the Assembly Deputy Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, about the attack. The Deputy Speaker has called doctors and got the member examined. Both Mr JP and Mr Paladugu have also complained to the Police Commissioner on telephone. Several ministers and Praja Rajyam party president, Mr K. Chiranjeevi, called on the two in the Speaker’s chambers and condemned the attack on them.

Dr JP had earlier commented at the media point that the Constitution was violated. He said that he was apologizing to the country’s freedom fighters who laid down their lives to secure freedom to the country. He also said that if the same situation continued, it would be better to dismiss the government and introduce President’s rule in the State. He said that he was put to shame because of what happened in the Assembly. “Tears welled in my eyes for being a member of such a House,” he said and called upon the people to open the third eye and end the bad rule. He also said that the silence of the good people was more dangerous than the atrocities of evil people.

Ministers condemn unruly acts

Several ministers, led by Mr K. Jana Reddy, have condemned the way the TRS and Telugu Desam party MLAs obstructing the speech and “tried to physically attack the Governor”, who addressed the Joint Session of the Legislature, marking the beginning of the budget session. Mr Jana Reddy said what happened in the House was a clear violation of the Constitution and put every democrat to shame. Strongly demanding an unconditional apology from the members who violated the Constitution, he said that every political party and every member of the House should introspect and ensure that similar incidents did not recur.

Addressing the media at the Congress Legislature Party office inside the Assembly premises, Mr Jana Reddy said that decency and decorum of the House were violated. He also warned the Opposition members that the people would not tolerate such violation of the Constitution. He said that such unruly scenes were never witnessed in the Assembly in its long history. The ministers also condemned the attack on Dr Jayaprakash Narayan and Mr Paladugu Venkata Rao.

Danam says it is a black day

The Labour Minister, Mr Danam Nagender, has said that it was a Black Day in the history of the State. He said that it was unfortunate that some members broke the mikes and rushed to the podium to obstruct the speech of the Governor.

The Finance Minister, Mr Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, has said that it was unfortunate that members of the TDP and the TRS chose to violate the Constitution and obstruct the Governor’s speech. Recalling the day when the Congress party also protested against the Governor’s speech during the TDP rule, Mr Anam said that though the Congress members remained at their seats and protested, the then chief minister, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, had alleged that they acted like goondas. He demanded that Mr Naidu, his TDP and the TRS should unconditionally apologize to the people for what they have done in the august House on Thursday. He said that it was unfortunate that the Opposition members had not even bothered to listen to the Governor before offering their protest.

Stating that every member should have respect towards the House, he said he had not witnessed any incident like Thursday’s events in his long career as legislator for the last 30 years. Stating that political upheavals were not uncommon, Mr Reddy said that such scenes were never witnessed even when late N T Rama Rao was removed and later reinstated or when the present TDP chief toppled the NTR government and became chief minister. He said that insulting the Governor, who was the constitutional representative was like insulting the Constitution, the people and the members themselves. He said that the stature of the State got belittled in the look of the other States, legislatures and democracy in the country. A situation arose when an opportunity was given to others to point a finger at us, he lamented. Condemning the attack on fellow members, he said it was a death blow to the Constitution and democracy in the country.

Referring to the action that was likely to be taken against the erring members by the Deputy Speaker, Mr Anam said what action would be taken against them was not important in as much as the very act. He said that leaders of all political parties should introspect and ensure that such incidents would not recur in future.

The TDP senior leader, Dr Nagam Janardhana Reddy, has condemned the attack on Dr JP and demanded an apology from the TRS members. Stating that his party was against attacks on individuals and their properties, he said that such attacks would not be tolerated. Dr Reddy, however made it clear that his party would not allow the Assembly to function, till the Telangana Bill was introduced in Parliament.

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  1. These people not only disrespected the Constitution but also broke the Oath that they took while taking their positions. I feel Ashamed that they are fighting for Telangana, the area I am from. I want a corrput free state, it might be Telangana/Andhra Pradesh.


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