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V. Kumar Reddy was murdered by fellow Telugu students

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Tanjore (Tamilnadu): Police have now confirmed that Vijaya Kumar Reddy, a student from Kurnool, who was recently found dead under suspicious circumstances, was actually murdered by his fellow students from Andhra Pradesh. They said reason for the murder was a dispute on a project.

Police have arrested six Telugu students in connection with the murder. Vijaya Kumar Reddy was found dead in a college in Tirumalaisamudram of Tanjore district on March 13. Initially it was thought that he had committed suicide. Police have intensified investigation after the student’s family members have insisted that it was murder.

According to police, B.Tech. student Vijay Kumar Reddy and Vibhav Shinde got first prize for their joint project recently. Later, Vijay Kumar Reddy submitted another project for an American website. A prize of Rs 25 lakhs and a job was announced by the website for the winner of the contest. For this contest, another student Vaibhav, along with Chandrasekhar Reddy, Rami Reddy, Ram Prakash Reddy, Soma Sandeep, Jayachandra Reddy and Ravi Kiran Reddy submitted another project. In this contest Vijaya Kumar Reddy’s project got more marks than the other group. Vaibhav was angry that Vijaya Kumar Reddy submitted the same project the two had submitted earlier for this contest also.

There was a heated exchange on the issue in the hostel on March 12 night. Vijaya Kumar Reddy died when Vaibhav and his friends attacked him indiscriminately. Police said he has died on the spot. (NSS)

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