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Venkaiah Slams Congress & UPA Govt Style Of Functioning

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BJP senior leader M. Venkaiah Naidu here on Saturday lashed out at the style of functioning of the Congress and its UPA government. “Whenever it faces trouble, the Congress party tries to attack, undermine, denigrate, devalue, destabilize and defame the constitutional institutions. They did it during Emergency when they had gone for supersession of judges of the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body in the country. When they could not digest the C&AG report on Bofors, they had devalued C&AG by attributing motives”, he added.

Addressing the media here on Saturday, Venkaiah said that in the matter of CVC appointment, they bungled and unilaterally appointed someone, who was under inquiry. However, the Supreme Court struck down the appointment. He alleged that they tried to weaken the authority of Chief Election Commissioner by making the Election Commission a multi-member body with an intention to add their yes-men. Now they want to make the C&AG a multi-member body to weaken it, he said, that the Congress made the Prasar Bharati partisan and converted Doordarshan into a “Congress Darshan”.

The BJP leader said the Congress attained notoriety of misusing the CBI and Governors to unsettle or defame all Opposition governments. The manner in which the Government has made the fresh appointment of CBI Director ahead of tabling in Rajya Sabha of the recommendations of the Select Committee clearly proved that it wanted to pre-empt the Committee.

“It is pertinent to note that the Select Committee had unanimously approved a collegium system to pick the CBI Chief. This is in the backdrop of the universal demand from all sides to end the government’s monopoly over appointment of Director, CBI. One can only conclude that the process was fast-tracked to defeat the Select Committee’s recommendation. The Government’s hurried attempt must be viewed in the context of appointing of its own yes-man and thus misusing the institution for its political ends. The logic of the Government that it will take time for enacting a law on the Select Committee recommendations do not hold good as earlier the same Government has approved creation of Upper House in Tamil Nadu overnight and caused it approved in Parliament on the second day as per the wishes of one of its allies.

“Now, as the reports of C&AG on 2G spectrum and Coal block allocations are not palatable to the government, they are resorting to their old habit of defaming the institutions in a brazen and shameless manner. Fresh attempts are on to malign the C&AG and to tar PAC by the “dirty tricks” department of the Congress and the Government”.

He further said that they are attacking C&AG and asking where is the loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Instead of introspecting to rectify their mistakes, they are maligning the C&AG. They have roped in a former CAG official, DG (Audit), who was signatory to the report, and to create doubts about the report. “Why he had chosen to be silent for the last 15 months? As per the information, he did not record any disagreement on or dissent to the final C&AG report. On the other hand, he was signatory to the multiple letters, including the final report, he added.

Naidu said that it was the same official, who presented the final report before the PAC. It is ridiculous on his part to say that he had no option other than signing the report as ordered by his superior. By the same logic, tomorrow if there is a change of the Government, he may say that he had no option but to make allegations as per the wishes of the previous government! He contradicted the document to which he was a signatory at several places. He never put on record even the slightest hint of objection to the Rs 1.76 lakh crore loss estimate. It speaks about his motive. The Congress has to explain, he said, adding that the Congress has the track record of destroying the institutions. They must remember that scams won’t vanish by painting C&AG black, he warned.

The BJP leader said the Congress has forgotten that its stock crashed after it resorted to C&AG bashing in 1989 on Bofors issue. Same thing will happen now as and when elections are held.

He pointed out that the Prime Minister had earlier asserted that the observations of the C&AG are disputable and would be challenged before the PAC. One of the general secretaries of the Congress attributed political motives to the head of C&AG. A Minister propounded a ‘no loss’ theory. Now, they seem to have pressed the Dirty Tricks Department into service. The present controversy is an attempt to divert the attention of the people from the massive scams this Government was involved in, he added. (NSS)

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