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What happened from march 28 to april 24?

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Puttaparti: Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba, who was admitted to the Satya Sai Institute of Medical Sciences, gave darshan to his devotees for the last time on March 25. From then till Sunday when he passed away, no one except the State ministers in-charge of his treatment and medical experts saw him. Even the Chief Minister was advised against visiting the Baba and he had dropped his trip to Puttaparti.

Different stories have been circulated in the media about Baba’s health ever since he was admitted to the hospital. Baba was admitted to the hospital with respiratory trouble and difficulty in passing urine around 1500 hrs on March 28. For five days from then, there was no information from the Hospital about the treatment they were offering and the response of Baba to it. Media has started circulating stories alleging that Baba’s health was badly neglected by the Trust members and the doctors as well.

Dr Safaya, head of the SIMS, started communicating to the media by issuing regular bulletins in which he has been maintaining that Baba’s health was stable and was responding to treatment. When every one was heaving a sigh of relief that Baba was recovering, the bulletin issued by the hospital on April 20 said for the first time that Baba’s health was critical. With this, the entire atmosphere got surcharged. Anxious devotees started thronging Puttaparti. The hospital said Baba’s liver was not functioning and his blood pressure was causing anxiety. In the subsequent days, the Bulletins continued to ring alarm signals. Baba, who was on artificial respiration for 28 days, breathed his last at 0740 hrs on Sunday and the hospital announced the news. Dr Safaya said in the final communiqué that Baba died of cardiac and respiratory arrest. (NSS)

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