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What is the basis for asking votes: Cong Poser To Jagan

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Hyderabad: Finding fault with the YSR Congress Chief Mr. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for criticising the Congress party and Ms Sonia Gandhi, the PCC has demanded that he revealed the basis on which he was asking people to cast their vote to him. The PCC has also made it clear that the Kadapa by-election is life and death issue to Mr. Jagan and not for the Congress because the YSR Congress would die if Mr. Jagan was defeated.

Speaking to the media at the Gandhi Bhavan on Sunday along with other official spokes persons Ms. K Pushpaleela, PCC official spokes person Mr. K Mrithyunjayam has asked Mr Jagan to state if he would ask the voters to caste their votes as the son of late YSR or as a person having tons of ill-gotten money. He said the by-elections have come not at the wish of people but because of Mr. Jagan’s power hunger. He asked Mr Jagan whether he forgot the fact that he represented the ‘Italian Congress’ when he took the B-form in the 2009 elections.

Mr. Mrithyunjayam alleged that Mr Jagan had brought pressure on his loyalists to make him Chief Minister when his father’s dead body was still there. Mrutyunjayam likened Jagan as Aurangajeb who has imprisoned his father to become emperor. He said Jagan also tried to become the Chief Minister of the state, even before performing last rites to his father.

Questioning Mr Jagan as to how he could aspire to become the Chief Minister of the State, by winning Kadapa Lok Sabha seat, he said that the late Chief Minister Dr YSR had implemented the Congress schemes with the public money and not from his personal money. He made it clear that Kadapa would be developed if the Congress candidate emerged as winner and not if Mr. Jagan was returned. He has called upon the Kadapa voters to decide whether to cast their votes to Mr Jagan or for the Congress which alone could ensure development of the constituency. He said casting votes to Mr Jagan was nothing but supporting corruption and selfishness. (NSS)

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