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Will he, won’t he root for T? All eyes on Jagan

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The YSR Congress chief, Mr Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s policy on Telangana will be in the spotlight during the party’s first plenary session on July 8 and 9 at Idupulapaya Estate in Kadapa district. The main focus is now on their much-promised policy on Telangana, while all other policy decisions will take a backseat. Mr Jagan had participated in a demonstration led by the Telugu Desam MPs in the Lok Sabha chambers when he held up a placard in favour of a United AP sometime in 2010. This act drew flak from the Congress, the TRS and other T-proponents.

After that Mr Jagan promised that his party’s political policy on the Telangana issue would be unveiled at the party plenary. So far, Mr Jagan has not toured a single district in Telangana nor has he undertaken the Odarpu yatra, though he did try once in Warangal district. Now Mr Jagan has been holding parleys with his aides for the last three days, even postponing his Kadapa visit by a day. But so far nothing has been finalised, which could give shape to his policy on Telangana.

YSR Congress leaders from the Telangana region have been asking him to be publicly pro-Telangana to prove his mettle in the region and to take up his odarpu yatra’ soon. There are also United AP protagonists urging him to stick to the “United AP” stand of his late father. Meanwhile the Sam-aikhyandhra students’ Joint Action Committee demanded that the Kadapa MP lead the agitation for a united AP, reminding him that he was the first one to raise his voice in favour of a unified state in Parliament in the past. The JAC criticised Mr Jagan and his party for maintaining silence on the issue. Deccan Chronicle

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