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Will Sathya Sai Baba’s secret be revealed on Guru Poornima?

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Baba’s devotee Isaac Tigrett creates ripples by claiming to be the godman’s living will and states that he will reveal a secret that Baba has left with him on July 15; trust members miffed

Spiraling all the way back to the centre of another controversy, the Sathya Sai Baba Trust has evoked attention across the nation and even beyond. Sathya Sai Baba’s famous devotee Isaac Tigrett shook the nation by making a shocking claim that he is Baba’s living will. Trust members and devotees alike are fuming, and if Tigrett is to be believed, he would have to prove his claims beyond reasonable doubt.

Tigrett claims that the late Baba has left a secret about running the trust with him, which he would reveal on Guru Poornima (July 15). The trust has however retorted back saying that Tigrett or any other devotee with any information would have to prove their credentials and the credibility of their information, before the trust decides to even consider the matter.

Prove it
Speaking to MiD DAY, Naganand, a member of the trust, said, “Anyone in our country has the freedom of say whatever they want. Tigrett might have shared a fairly long association with Baba, but before he expects the trust to consider his information, he would have to prove the credibility of what he says.” Devotees have slammed the trust for showing lack of initiative in approaching Tigrett about the secret information. “Why should we approach Tigrett? He claims to have certain exclusive information and if he wants to share it, then he is free to do so,” said Naganand. The statement made by the trust has caused ripples amongst Baba’s devotees across the world and the World Sathya Sai Baba organisations have shunned the trust.

Other matters
Meanwhile, the Anantapur police served notices to Baba’s nephew R J Ratnakar and trust member V Srinivasan ion connection to the huge amount of money that was seized on Saturday (June 18). Debunking the rumour that Srinivasan is absconding post the notice being issued, Naganand said, “Certain communities in Puttaparthy are circulating such rumours to malign the image of the trust. Srinivasan is in Chennai and he has faxed his acknowledgement to the Anantapur Police. The cops will now come up with a date and time for the investigations.”

No claim?
The police claimed that the car, in which Rs 35.5 lakh was being transferred from Prashanthi Nilayam to Bangalore, belonged to the trust. Both the trust members would have to appear for investigation within 72 hours as per the police order. Sources from Puttaparthy claim that the trust is now trying to wash its hands off the incident, just like they did in the casket controversy.”We believe in the truth and that is what the two members would speak in front of the police. We are maintaining the stance that the trust has nothing to do with the money and the car did not belong to the trust,” Naganand added. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how the trust would steer clear of these trailing controversies in the near future. MID-DAY

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