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Women Legislators Voice Concern Over Violence Against Women

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Hyderabad: Voicing strong concern over increasing violence against women in the State, the women legislators in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday urged the Government to strictly implement the various Acts meant for safety of women, to get stringent punishment to the accused in the cases.

On the occasion of 100 years of International Women’s Day, the Deputy Speaker, Mr N Manohar, after the tea beak, provided an opportunity to the women legislators to speak on the subject.

The PRP legislator, Mrs Shoba Nagi Reddy said that by showing victorious women, all are trying to project it as women empowerment. But the real women empowerment was the women in field level, particularly rural areas, achieving financial self sufficiency, she felt. Though 33 percent quota was provided to women in local bodies, the husbands of women MPTCs were acting as real leaders and participating in Mandal Parishad meetings.

The same thing might have happened in the legislative bodies also, if the rules permitted, she added. Politics was a male domination field. She expressed strong concern over the increasing attacks on women particularly, college students, and underlined the need to bring changes to the Acts to punish the culprits more sternly.

PRP Member Mrs Vanga Geetha said that the Government should hold training camps for women elected representatives to create awareness on the administration. She also wanted the Government to appoint Chairman of State Women Commission, which has fallen vacant few years back.

She underlined the dire need to take measures to curtail various forms of violence against women. The increasing gap in the ratio of male and female birth rate would also have adverse impact on the society, she cautioned. As per the direction of the Supreme Court, the Government should setup committees in all Departments on harassment at work places. She also expressed displeasure over the fate of Women Reservation Bill, which was waiting for 14 years, for passage by the Parliament.

Congress MLA from Badwel, Mrs Kamalamma reminded that there were 16 women Congress MLAs in the house due to encouragement of late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy in 2009 elections. He had also chosen a woman for Home Minister in his cabinet.


TDP legislator, Mrs Thaneti Vanitha said that it was the NTR Government that set-up State Women Commission and Padmavathi Women’s University and provided 33 percent reservations to women in local bodies and property right. Referring to increasing cases of domestic violence and acid attacks on the women, she suggested the Government to setup women police stations as much number as possible.

Congress member Mrs Satyavathi said that the success of every woman was because of her efforts, but not with the support of the man. Though Home Minister post was given to a woman, her seat was allocated in second low in the house, she regretted.

Congress member from Palakollu, Mrs Bangaru Usha opined that it was painful to every woman that the women reservation bill has not been passed by the Lok Sabha. She stressed the need to strengthen the Laws to prevent acid attacks on women particularly students. The Government should also take steps to close belt shops in the rural areas as the liquor consumption had links with crime against women.

Mrs Padma Jyothy (Congress), Mrs P Rajeshwari Devi (Congress), Mrs Christopher Lazarus (Ango-Indian nominated member) and Mrs Muthyala Papa also spoke. (NSS)

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