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Lifebuoy launches special health talc

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Hyderabad: With the advent of summer, it is common for one to suffer from skin irritation and rashes, medically termed as Miliria and commonly known as “Prickly Heat”. Contrary to popular belief that Prickly heat is caused by excessive sweating, it is scientifically proven that prickly heat is actually caused by germs that get trapped in the sweat thereby clogging the skin pores and infecting them.

With its legacy of unparalleled germ protection for over 100 years, Lifebuoy has introduced a special health talc which combines superior benefits of both – Prickly Heat Talcs as well as Cooling Talcs. The new Lifebuoy Health Talc for Prickly Heat has been specially formulated to fight prickly heat by eliminating its root cause- bacteria/ germs & sweat.

The formulation is a mix of five powerful ingredients each of which works to give relief from prickly heat and its associated discomfort with: TCN protecting the skin by providing defence against prickly heat bacteria; Super Absorbing Material (PPC), with extraordinary absorbing power making Lifebuoy Health Talc absorb sweat better, thereby easing out prickly heat; Zinc Oxide giving Lifebuoy Health Talc an effective antimicrobial edge to fight odour causing bacteria; Menthol lending instant relief by cooling the skin and reducing irritation; and Natural Mint & Neem Extract giving it the overall goodness of nature clubbed with age-old antiseptic protection. (NSS)

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