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Nano in Nepal: 352 cars booked within 10 days of launch

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Three hundred fifty two Tata Nano cars have been booked within ten days of its launch here.

Nepal is the only market abroad after Sri Lanka where Nano is being sold.

Nano standard which cost NRs 7.98 lakh or Rs. 5 lakh in Indian currency, is the cheapest car so far offered to Nepalese customers.

However, only 45 percent of the customers here favoured Tata Nano standard while 55 percent favoured Tata LX (higher cost with more facilities) and Nano CX (moderately high cost) cars, according to Sipradi Trading Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of Tata Nano in Nepal.

Besides, 35 percent customers booked the high priced Tata LX while 20 percent booked moderately priced Tata CX.

Sipradi Trading offered Tata Nano at the introductory priced of Rs. 7.98 lakh for the first ten days since its booking started on June 26. Those wishing to book the car need to deposit Rs. 10,000 and pay Rs. 11,111 in monthly installments for the cheapest car.

Some 8,000 queries have been made within two weeks by the customers, according to the Sipradi.

The cars will be made available by the end of July to those who have booked the vehicles, according to Sipradi. Hindu

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