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ICC open the door to WC qualifiers

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The ICC have called for a qualification process to be implemented ahead of the 2015 World Cup, while also calling for the Decision Review System (DRS) to be used in all Test matches.

Under plans announced during an ICC summit in Mumbai last month, participation at the 2015 and 2019 World Cups was set to be restricted to just the 10 Full-Member nations of the global governing body.

That caused uproar amongst the Associate members, none more so than Ireland who beat England in this year’s World Cup and nearly qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition.

However, Sharad Pawar, the Indian president of the ICC, subsequently called for the proposal to be reviewed and, following a two-day meeting of the cricket committee at Lords the picture suddenly looks much brighter for Ireland and their fellow Associates.

“The committee resolved to pass on the recommendation that it favoured a system of qualification for the World Cup,” said ICC general manager Dave Richardson.

“That it was not restricted to the 10 Full Members and that there was an opportunity to qualify.” he added.

Other issues discussed at the Cricket Committee meeting in London was the use of the Umpire Review System (URS) with the ICC recommending that reviews be limited to one per innings for each team in one-day games. Significantly it was also concluded that all Test matches should feature the URS, with the committee reiterating that objections from India should be laid aside.

Other nations, including Australia and England, have used the system for Tests and Richardson said umpires were happy for it to be more widely implemented.

“They are embarrassed when they have to change one of their decisions but they are far happier to do that than to have ruined a match with a bad decision,” he said.

He added that the use of the system, to which both sides have to agree ahead of a match, had shown that umpires got an average 75 percent of decisions right, which had improved perception of the standard of officiating.

The committee also wants to see Test cricket under floodlights as soon as possible – subject to further testing of the new pink ball.

All these recommendation will be dealt with by the ICC’s Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) before being presented to the ICC Executive Board for approval, something which will only take place at a scheduled meeting from June 26 to 30 in Hong Kong. Cricket365

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