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German lives alongside dead mother for several years

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Saarlouis (Germany), March 25 (DPA) A German apparently spent years living alongside his mother’s corpse, police in the western German town of Saarlouis said Friday.

Officers discovered the woman’s skeletal remains on an armchair in the apartment, earlier in the day. They estimated that she had died two or three years ago.

“The 46-year-old, who has no income of his own, clearly lived off his mother’s pension,” read the police report.

The man said his mother died in 2008. Tests are due to ascertain the cause and time of death, but there was no indication that she had been a victim of crime.

The police were informed after a nearby elderly resident told the housing association that she had not seen the woman for a long time.

When investigators arrived at the apartment, the son said his mother was not at home. They took a look inside anyway, and found the remains of the woman, who would be aged 86 if she were still alive.

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