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Housewife in jaws of death due to torture by DCTO husband

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Amalapuram: A bizarre incident of a highly placed government official physically torturing his wife with third degree methods came to light here. Besides, his parents and sisters joined him in torturing the hapless housewife physically and mentally for years.

According to the version of the victim, Kommuri Satish Kumar, 47, working as DCTO in Rajahmundry, married Padmavathi, 29, of Tatipaka some ten years ago. At the time of wedding, the girl’s parents presented property worth Rs one crore to the bridegroom. Later, in two deliveries, the victim begot female babies. With this, the husband and inlaws started torturing Padmavathi mentally and physically for her “sin” of bearing two females.

As Satish Kumar and his parents tortured the victim physically with an intention to get rid of her, Padmavathi fell unconscious and was admitted to a hospital in Rajahmundry. While there were allegations that the DCTO had inflicted injuries with knife and razors at sensitive parts and branded her with cigarette butts, Satish Kumar reportedly told the doctors that she had swallowed poison and fell unconscious. He also dissuaded the hospital authorities not to inform the medico-legal case to the police station concerned with his influence.

When Padmavathi’s parents and brothers rushed to the hospital and accosted him, Satish Kumar admitted her to the KIMS hospital in Amalapuram and later to Aswini Emergency Hospital. When Padmavathi’s brother, Mr Suresh, lodged a complaint with the police, they entered the scene and recorded a statement of the victim.

The victim’s relatives said that at the time of the marriage, Satish Kumar was working as a teacher in a private college and got the DCTO post after the birth of the first child. When Padmavathi had female baby in the second delivery also, a disillusioned Satish Kumar, his parents and sisters started torturing her physically. They alleged that Satish Kumar used to administer sedative to Padmavathi and used to inflict wounds indiscriminately with razor blades. They suspect that Satish Kumar turned into a sadist and tortured her with an intention to get rid of her and marry another woman.

As the news spread, the local Mahila Sanghams launched agitation demanding that the police prosecute the DCTO. (NSS)

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