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Man flees naked after alleged robbery while buying car

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A 24-year-old man told US police he lost his clothes and hundreds in cash by running away naked during a car-buying-session-turned-robbery.

The man heard about a car for sale while at a barbershop, and he and his girlfriend drove to the apartment with cash in hand, he told police, The Capital Times reports.

There, he claimed a woman led him inside, where instead of a car deal, he found two masked men, one pointing a gun at him.

The terrified man threw his cash into the air, and was ordered to strip by the men, he said. He did so, then grabbed a cereal box to cover himself and fled back outside to his waiting girlfriend, he told police.

She called the police after seeing he was naked, but was otherwise unhelpful, police said.

“She was being less than cooperative with the dispatcher and ended up saying she couldn’t wait for police to arrive because she had to get to work,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

When police arrived at the scene no one was there. A few hours later, the victim asked police to meet in a restaurant, where he and his girlfriend were sitting at different tables, The Capital Times reported.

Police said the robbed man was evasive on giving details. He would not give the name of the barbershop where he heard about the car for sale, and claimed to have covered himself with a garbage bag instead of a cereal box.

But his description of his missing polo shirt, jeans and sneakers was detailed, police said. Agencies

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