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Qazi held for forcing girl to marry Arab Sheik

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Hyderabad: The Bhavaninagar police on Monday revealed that they arrested a Qazi for harassing a girl from a poor family to enter into a ‘contract’ marriage with an Arab Sheik on Sunday evening during a raid on a lodge.

Santoshnagar Division Assistant Commissioner of Police said that the raid on the lodge came after a tip-off.

The police arrested the Sadar Qazi, identified as one Ali Abdullah Rafai alias Abid Rafai, based on the complaint of a woman Naseem Begum, wife of Mohammed Ali.

The police said that on being interrogated, the Qazi confessed that he was performing contract marriages of Arab sheiks with poor Muslim girls. The police added that about 15 days earlier, he along with his son Mohammed Rafai approached Naseem Begum’s at her residence at Nasheman Nagar, and he asked her to perform her sister’s daughter Asiya Begum’s marriage with an Arab Sheik. The Qazi also offered the girl’s family Rs 4,00,000 if they agreed with the proposal.

However, Naseem Begum refused the offer but the Qazi’s proposal.

A week later, Abid Rafai sent his son Mohammed Rafai, to Naseem Begum’s residence to bring Asiya Begum to the lodge in any circumstances.

The Qazi’s son went to Naseema Begum’s house and found that Asiya Begum was alone at that time. He took advantage of the situation and forcibly entered the house, caught hold of her hand with the intension to insult her modesty and tried to take out her from the house.

However, Naseem Begum returned in time and this prompted him to let go of the girl.

He however, threatened them that if they informed about the incident to anybody, he would kidnap Asiya Begum and kill all the family members.

Naseem Begum ignored the threats and lodged a complaint.

The police added that the Qazi and his son were on the look out for Muslim girls from poor families and approaching them to perform contract marriages with the old Arab Sheiks by offering money o them.

If they refused to the marriage offer with old Arabs, the accused would threaten them.(INN)

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