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You’d be hot in bed, teacher told girl

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A Teacher who told a female student he thought she would be “fiery and spicy in the bedroom” and another girl pupil he “wanted her” has been barred from reapplying to teach for three years.

The teacher was alleged to have also sent one of the girls 50 “inappropriate” text messages

A Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing was told the teacher had been registered in 2007 and during 2008 he was working at an un-named co-educational independent school.

Last year the Queensland College of Teachers suspended him and in April 2010 the teacher asked to be removed from the register.

At the time of the QCAT hearing the teacher was listed as a former approved teacher.

He did not appear before the trbunal but made detailed submissions and alleged the claims were a wider campaign by former students against staff at the school.

The hearing heard allegations the teacher during a religion class had asked a girl student her star sign and then told her he believed she would be “fiery and spicy in the bedroom.”

It was further alleged he was in a public park with another student and pulled her towards him saying he “wanted her”.

The tribunal was told he had sent 50 text messages to one of the girls and she had sent 30 to him.

The texts had included such information as he had cheated on his girlfriend.

In his submissions the teacher said the girl, who he knew through another family member, had been flirting with him.

The tribunal found the teacher had failed to recognise the imbalance in their ages _ he was 30 and she was 15.

In a written judgment, it found overall that the teacher’s behaviour was unacceptable and he was not suitable to teach at the current time.

The tribunal ruled he would be prohibited from reapplying for registration as a teacher for three years and before reapplying he would need to undergo counselling. Agencies

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