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‘I work well under pressure’: Sonakshi Sinha

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Q: Even six months after the release of Dabangg, you are one of the most talked about debutantes.
It is a wonderful feeling to have been accepted in such a big way. I hope I can carry on and people are still interested in me, many more years down the line.

Q: You are paired with big stars like Akshay Kumar (Joker), reuniting with Salman for Kick and you also have a film with Kamal Haasan. Is it difficult to negotiate the pressure?
Definitely, it is difficult. But personally, I work well under pressure. It is an encouragement of sorts for me and it pushes me to work harder.

Q: When do we see you paired opposite younger stars?
That opportunity hasn’t come along because everyone is busy doing something or the other this year. Hopefully, soon.

Q: You have expressed a desire to work with Ranveer Singh. Have you both spoken about it?
We have spoken about working together. But he is also very busy with his projects and I also have a line-up of films.

Q: How soon will that opportunity arise?
I guess it should be another year, if you’ll still want to see us together at that point of time.

Q: Usually, Aishwarya Rai seems to be the first choice in big South films if they want to cast an actress from
Bollywood. Since you have been chosen to star opposite Kamal Haasan, do you see yourself in the big league now?

I am just here to do my work. To put me in a league is for the audience and you, the media. I am very fortunate that Kamalji chose me and gave me an opportunity to work with him. Agencies

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