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Actress Sujatha Passes Away

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Chennai: Actress Sujata who ruled the Telugu film industry as number one heroine for a couple of years and acted with top heroes like NTR, ANR and Shobhan Babu, has died here today due to illness. She was 59. She has also acted with top Tamil heroes like Kamal Hasan and Rajini Kant.

Sujata was born on December `10, 1952 in Kerala. She was brought up in Kerala. ‘Sri Rama Dasu’ the highly popular Telugu film, which was released in 2006, was her last film.

While heroines accepted glamorous roles to attain number one place, Sujata never wore indecent costumes and still she became a top heroine through her acting talents. Gorintaku, Edantasthula Meda, Circus Ramudu, Guppedu Manasu, MLA Edukondalu, Sita Devi, Baba, Pelli, Surigadu, Chanti, Sutra Dharulu, Agnigundam and Anubandham were some of her films. Kathanayika was her first film. She has shot to fame with Balachandar’s ‘Aval Oru thodar Kadai’ which the director himself re- made in Telugu ‘Antu Leni Kadha’ also kept its heroine Jaya Prada on a high pedestal. She also acted in Hindi films like ‘Ek Hi Bhool.;

Sujatha has a house on the Mahabalipuram Road on the outskirts of Cennai. It was there she breathed her last. The last rites are likely to be performed on Thursday. The family is awaiting arrival of her relatives from Kerala. (NSS)

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