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Akshay Kumar: Actors are like escorts

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Akshay Kumar is back doing what he does best. The actor teams up with John Abraham in Desi Boyz — the film directed by first-timer Rohit Dhawan — and the two actors play male escorts.

In a candid conversation with Sonil Dedhia, Akshay spoke freely about working with the debutant director, his equation with John, his career so far, and his return to action films.

Was the role of a male escort a challenging one?

There is a misconception about male escorts. Escorts are like a companion and fulfil the costume fantasy of women. During the film you will see us wearing different costumes — of cops, cricketers, fire fighters etc. It is the first time in a Hindi film that someone is playing the role of a male escort. So, yes, it was challenging.

John and you are seen pole dancing in the promos of the film…

(Smiles) Yes, we have done pole dancing but it is not a long sequence. In fact, the pole dance lasts for hardly 10 minutes. I had to learn pole dancing which took me about five or six days.

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