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Allegation against Bhindi Baazaar Inc. is baseless: Pawan

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Pawan Malhotra, who plays Mammoo in “Bhindi Baazaar Inc.”, says he is surpised with the allegations of a social worker claiming that the film might tarnish his image

Pawan Malhotra is intrigued by reports that a man called Khalid Mammoo, a social worker, is threatening to file a suit against the makers of “Bhindi Baazaar Inc.” Khalid Mammoo has claimed that one of the characters in the film named Mamu, a notorious don, has the potential to tarnish his image. Khalid Mammoo is a well-known social worker in south Mumbai. He is a member of the Nationalist Congress Party for the past nine years. Also, he is the national president of All India Human Rights Bureau.

Pawan, who plays the character of “Mammoo”, says, “I fail to understand how this man can even think on these lines? If he is a social worker and a human rights activist, what is his connection to a pickpocket ganglord? Has he ever pinched anyone’s pocket? Our film is a work of fiction. I would understand if he had any reservations had our film used real names or were shot on real locations.

“Black Friday” had used actual names and had been shot on locations that matched with the events in real life. But, in this film, there is no such connect. Moreover, I presume he has not even watched the movie. So, how can he make such comments? Is it simply because people have been appreciating my performance in the role of Mammoo that he suddenly wants to jump into the fray and create a controversy out of it?” TOI

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